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The Homemaker

Practical ideas to help you save money

Reducing Your Grocery Expense

  • Make a grocery budget and then make sure your menu and grocery list fit your budget. Don't plan an elaborate meal if your budget does'nt allow it.
  • Plan your meals around the things you already have on hand and around grocery sale papers. For example, if a grocery store puts ground beef on sale, find different ways you can use it. Examples: hamburgers, shepherds pie, meat loaf, tacos, lasagna, spring stew, crock pot recipes, beef casseroles, etc.
  •      Shop with cash. This has made a huge difference in my spending. My husband works for the state of Texas so we only get paid once a month and I have to make my budget last from the 1st to the 31st. If you have cash in hand, your more cautious how you spend that money because once it's gone, it's gone!
  •      Have a plan! As Kyle says above, make a menu and a grocery list. You spend less money only buying what you 'need' and not just grazing the isles and picking things up.
Kyle's also....
  • Use coupons
  • Serve leftovers in new and exciting ways. Have baked chicken then have a chicken casserole and if you have any chicken left make chicken chili. see Food Cascades for more details!
  • Shop the sales and know the prices of food. (especially meats)


Links that lead to savings!

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