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The Homemaker

Keeping Christ at the Center of Christmas

A Correspondence To do List
Newsletter, Photopostcard, Card etc....
  • Start on your mailing list. I suggest you do it on the computer so each year its just a matter of adding or subtracting names!
  • Decide what you are doing (Newsletter, Cards, Family Picture Photo card etc...)
  • If you are sending cards start looking for cards now if you didn't buy them last year at the after Christmas sale. As soon as you get them keep a few in your purse and start writing your notes to love ones when you are at the doctors office, in line at the grocery store, in the car in line etc....
  • Take Christmas pictures if you are sending them (they do not need to be "super recent" I scrapbook, I under the temptation! Just get it done!)
  • If you are doing photocards at the end of the month you need to turn in the photo cards to Wal-Mart (or wherever you go) to be done!
  • Buy Christmas Stamps
  • If you are sending cards by the middle of this month you should be done writing your notes.
  • Print labels and put them on the envelopes
  • Mail your Christmas Cards the day after Thanksgiving (all you should be doing is walking out to  your mail box and putting them in!)

Getting Christmas correspondence in the mail

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