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The Homemaker

Spring Cleaning: Bathroom

First Aid Check List

  • throw out expired medicine
  • check first aide supplies (click on link above)
  • if your budget allows, replace torn towels and rags
  • see if throw rugs and/or bath mats need replacing
  • take down blinds and curtains and wash them
  • sweep ceiling
  • clean off handles, knobs and light switches
  • wash light fixture
  • wash window & window sill
  • wash walls and doors 
  • wash out waste basket and sanitize
  • scour sinks, bathtub and/or shower
  • polich all metal fixtures
  • clean the entire bowl. Spray with a disinfectant (does the bowl brush need replacing?)
  • Get under the sink and in the linen closet:
  • take all toiletries out of the cabinet/closet and put in the middle of the floor. Throw out what you don't use.
  • wipe out the bottom of the cabinet and all the shelves in the closet
  • consider buying organizers for more space (look at the dollar store)
  • replace items in an organized matter
  • does shower curtain need replacing (if it just needs a good cleaning, take it down and wash it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, then hang it back up to dry)
  • sweep and mop floors and put rugs back down
  • take note and replace or repair all items that need attention


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