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HOW to Clean in the Bathroom
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The Homemaker

How to Clean....

  1. To remove build up from showerheads and faucets, tie a baggie full of white vinegar to the showerhead and faucets over night. Remove the baggie in the morning and wipe it dry. That's it! 
  2. To clean your shower curtain liner, take it down, put it in the washing machine with your detergent, put it on the gentle cycle with warm wash/warm rinse. After it completes the cycle, take it out and hang it back up. No more scrubbing it section by section!
  3. Clean the inside of your toilet bowl with powdered tang or powdered lemonade mix. The citric acid removes stains and freshens the bowl.
  4. You can also use borax powder, found in the laundry isle, to clean the inside of your toilet bowl. Borax is a natural cleaner.
  5. To clean the outside of your toilet, my favorite cleaner is foaming bathroom cleaner. (Wal-Mart brand of Scrubbing Bubbles) Spray it on, let it set a few minutes, then clean it away. I use to clean houses and I always used this. The moms always remarked how clean the toilet was. Then spray with a disinfectant. TaDa!

Cleaning Mold

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