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The Homemaker

Nuts & bolts on saving money at the store 

My goal is to feed my family on $40 week including all cleaning, paper products etc...(anything you can buy at Wal-Mart excluding clothes & toys) I am excluding Baby Formula for now but including diapers. So my goal budget for my family of 5 is 180 month (or $268 with the formula) The Meal plan is at the bottom of the page and as I perfect it I'll add to it!
To  do this you must have a Meal Plan (a plan of what you are going to eat for a week, 2 weeks or a month!) i do assume you have certain things on hand such as salt.
washed yogurt cups FREE
1. I paid $.99 per box for Post cereal with a $5 rebate (from and a sale of $1.99 per box.
1. Buy big chip (pretzals, chettos etc.....) bags and the empty "ziploc" style snack bags and then make your own snack size chip bags. SAVINGS- prepacked snack bags (.33 to) .25 each - mommy packed snack bags bag (.01 each) chips (.04) = .20 savings! Thats 80% !!!! Great for school lunches savings.
2. Pudding- buy boxed pudding (.33 ea) use old (washed) yogurt cups & 1/2 cup scooper. You should get 6 servings. .97 prepacked pudding -  6 mom packed pudding (5.5ea) cop (0)= .64 savings
1 year of savings =
indv chips 10.20
pudding 33.28
Running Toal: $43.48
Internet sites with explainations of why I use them:
This site has a unique feature that allows you to look at the grocery store fliers and they will tell you what the savings is as well as if there are any pertinent coupons that increase your savings. So you can end up paying .39 for eggo waffles.
This is a legitimate easy to use coupon site that I have used for years.So after you vist coupon mom you may want to go to marysworld to get your coupons.

Lets see if this possible.....1 week for $45
Day 1
Breakfast: Sausage Balls
Lunch: mac & cheese w/ fruit
Dinner spaghetti & meatballs w/ homemade french bread (bread machine) and salad
Day 2
Breakfast oatmeal
Lunch- cheese sandwhichs with chips
Dinner - Easy Bake Beef Casserole (I made 2 and 1 was frozen)
Day 3
Breakfast - ham and cheese toast
Lunch- quesidillas and fruit
Dinner homemade-Rotissorie Chicken (leftover chicken frozen), left over homemade-mashed potatoes, can of spinach
Day 4
Breakfast waffles
Lunch Chicken nuggets, chips (homemade snack bags)
Dinner Beans & Rice and cornbread (cornbread .33, )
Day 5
Breakfast- french toast
Lunch - grilled cheese with fruit and chips
Dinner - Pork roast (sale .99/#), mac & cheese with peas (I ruined the bread!)
Day 6
Breakfast- biscuits & gravy
Lunch- PB&H(oney), chips & fruit
Dinner -Franks & Beans with apple slices 
Day 7=
Breakfast- cinnamon rolls (3.32)
Lunch- Mac & Cheese (mac /& cheese.33, milk10, butter.05)
Dinner- Chili (.10 beans,.99 meat,45 spices &veggies)