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Pearson "Kimberly Hope"

Help/Contact Information

Help/Contact Information



  •  Ride to Houston for Peyton & Parker on Wednessday nights or Sundays for family visiting days.
  • Sitting Peyton and Parker on Saturday Mornings so the Maass's can go and see Justin play football.


  • Snack/breakfast foods at the hosptial
  • indv. water/diet drinks


  • We'd love to borrow a backpack/cooler if anyone has one


  • used clothing size newborn. She swims in 0-3 months.

Contact Information: (I do try to respond to e-mails once a day)
Ronald McDonald House (room 35)
1-713-795-3535 direct line to the room
1-713-795-3500 to switch board
Kyle 979-229-4748
Wayne 979-229-7083 cell/ 228-3079 PAGER
Cell Phones have to be turned off when we are on the floor so please page Wayne if you need to speak with us.
Texas Children's Hospital
6621 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77030