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The Homemaker

Hopefully, helpful and simple tips ! 

Creating a Launch Pad
I do not have a mud room unfortunately! So my launch pad is in my "entry way" (which is about 4feet X 5 feet). I have an antique sewing table ($35 at a 2nd hand store) with a bowl on the top for my dear husband and wicker baskets underneath it for each of my dear kids. Its where the backpack goes when my eldest daughter get home.
When we get home Peyton does her homework while I help with homework, review and sign papers, add items to my calendar, enterain a 1 year old and make dinner. when homework time is over we put everything back in the backpack. In the morning there is no mad dash we  know where the back pack is and that all of the important documents have been signed.
Additionally, I put my run around bag next to the table and fill it with the items I will need for the next day. So in the morning we just scoop up our stuff and go!
You'll note that we have a schedule, I pick up my kiddos. We come home (normally), time for homework, play time, dinner, bathtime, reading, devotional  and prayer. My daughter is autistic and was a little resistant to this scehdule now however years into it, its been an amazing blessing! Our kids are in bed by 8:00 p.m. everynight(normally). An additional bonus is that in the morning I have well rested happy kiddos, instead of frumpy grumpies!
Kids won't coopearate? Determine whose in or them?? Make sure its you! :)
More Tips from my web review....
  1. Have a written routine and follow it (normally which means way more often than not)
  2. Have a launch pad (a home for backpacks, jackets, shingaurds, etc...)
  3. Plan your meals ahead of time (especially breakfast)
  4. Lay out your clothes the night before
  5. Review homework, papers etc... when you get the child home and immediately sign documents, write checks (etc...) and put them back in the child's folder.
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