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The Homemaker

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  1. Boil water with several spoons of vinegar to remove the smell of burnt food or fried food from your kitchen.
  2. To clean your microwave oven, put a microwave safe bowel of half cup vinegar and half cup water in the oven and cook long enough to boil. In addition to removing any lingering odors, this will loosen and baked-on food from the microwave walls.
  3. To remove grease from surfaces around the stove from frying food, make a baking soda and water paste. Apply to surface, rub it in and wipe it off. This works well for spill overs on the stove top as well and the baking soda will not scratch the stove enamel. You can also clean the inside of your oven with this.
  4. Make your own list of daily and weekly chores for your home, print it out and keep it handy to carry room to room so you don't forget anything. 
  5. To remove the yucky gunk from the bottom of your shower curtain liner, wash it in the washing machine. Set your cycles to warm wash/warm rinse, delicate cycle. After it spins dry, rehang it to finish drip drying. 
  6. Assign age appropriat chores to your children. Even children as young as 18 months old can pick up toys and put them all in a basket, I know, I used to work in day care and my 18 month old class picked up our room before we went out to play. No, they're not always going to be eager to help, but it's part of teaching responsibility for themselves.
  7. Try to keep your dishwasher and sink empty so after meals each person can place their plate, cup, and fork in the dishwasher or sink.
  8. Clean as you go while your in the kitchen. It's easier to clean small messes.
  9. Keep candles handy. If I know someone is coming over, I'll light a few candles before they come. The soft glow and fragrances are inviting to your guests when they enter your home, and there are a multitude of fragrances available now. A few of my favorites are vanilla, banana nut bread, coffee, and fresh baked cookies.   
  10. Attach an extension cord to your vaccum cleaner, to save time plugging and unplugging!

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