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The Homemaker

A Birthday blessing outside of the home...

College Station Parks & Rec (pools & pavillans)
Bryan Parks & Rec (pools & pavillans)
Children's Museum
Bazillion Beads
Wolf Pen
Chuck E. Cheese
$8.99 per child with 16 tokens each
$13.99 per child with 28 tokens each
$1.99 each goody bag (optional)
$30.00 deposit required
Each child will receive:2 slices pizza w/ one topping, soft drink w/ free refills,16 tokens,slice of birthday cake.The birthday child will also receive:  special chuck e cheese souvenir cup,bag of cotton candy,special Mylar balloon,birthday crown The party includes:Decorated table for 90 minutes,Birthday show performed by chuck e cheese & his friends,a personal visit from chuck e cheesea host/hostess to personally serve you & guests & assist with the party
Mr. Gatti's
WOW party
$7.99/child minimum 8
includes buffet, cake, invitations, hostess, $3.75 in game play/child, 90 minutes in party room
Do-it-yourself party
5.99/child minimum 8
includes buffet, invitations, 2.50 in game play/child, 90 minutes in party room. adults 5.99, 8-12yo 3.79, 4-7yo 2.79, 3 and under free for regular buffet prices)
CiCi's Pizza
Do it yourself party
Pay regular buffet prices to get in, bring your own cake and decorations
11yo and up 4.99
4-10 yo 2.99
2-3 yo .99
under 2 free
only on Saturdays $100 deposit 1 1/2 hours
$150 total for up to 14 kids
$175 total for 15-20 kids
$200 total for 21-25 kids
includes invitations, plates, cups, napkins, etc-does NOT include cake 1st hour is play in gym including organized games, 30 minutes in party room and presents room
Suzanne's Dance (They do a dress up thing with different costumes and creative movement. )
Putt-Putt -we had a great party there for only $65, they provide the party favors, the drinks, game tokens and as much putt-putt as you can play for 2 hours.  All you have to bring is the cake and the candles. 
Brazos Valley Museum
Aerofit (for members)
Boondocks -(it's for older kids - typically 8 andup.) It has go-carts and paintball - the kids shoot paintballs at targets,not at each other! In the summer, we were also able to swim in their aboveground pool at no extra charge. It's a blast!
$50 deposit $8/child plus cost of pottery 1 1/2 hour in studio. All paint and supplies will be supplied and piece fired.bring own cake, plates, beverages, etc.....get party platter signed by guests, balloons, hostess pieces will be ready in 5-7 days
Comments included are from contributing moms! Thank you ladies!!!!