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The Homemaker

Spring Cleaning: Master Bedroom

  • take down all curtains and wash or dry clean
  • take down blinds and wash them in the bathtub with borax
  • while windows are bare, clean sills and glass
  • go through and sort items. keep only the things you love!
  • go through drawers and closets. take everything out and place in a central location. throw out worn items and things you don't wear. replace with only things you do wear.
  • go through jewelry box and get rid of things you don't wear
  • check under bed. 
  • sweep ceiling
  • clean ceiling fan
  • take everything off walls and wash walls
  • dust all items and replace back on walls
  • dust and clean all furniture (don't forget the mirrors)
  • clean anything left out
  • change bed linens
  • throw pillows in dryer with a fabric softener sheet and some tennis balls. turn dryer on the cool cycle to fluff and freshen
  • vacuum

Your bedroom should be a place for you and your spouse to escape to. In Song of Solomon, his beloved created a haven for her lover. She sprinkled myrrh on the walls and burned incense. In SOS 1:16,17, the lover and his beloved describe their woodland surroundings as a wedding bedroom. Today we don't have myrrh, and personally, my husband and I do not like incense. However, we can have a clean room, clean sheets and burn candles. Your spouse needs you to create a haven of refreshment because the rest of the world usually isn't.

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