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Pearson "Kimberly Hope"

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Updates on Pearson

16Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Cor 4:16-18


9-5 (last update!!)
We are home! We got home on 9-3 and (I slept through 9-4). She was 5lbs 9oz when she came home. Apparently, I spoke to the wrong nurse on 9-1. The doctors and other nurses just felt like her low tempuratue was just an abiration. So now we are home and have to take her tempurature several times a day. She passed her first newborn screening and her hearing test. 
The Maass's are staying with us this week to get us transistioned into having a tinynew family member. So now we will be taking stock out in Germ-x for the kiddos. We will be in hiding until she is bigger since she is not allowed to be in crowds. We'll be getting the RSV immunization and we will probably resurface some time in in the fall.
I cannot thank the people/women/families that have supported us since June. Here is a list of ministries we received:
  • prayers
  • house cleaning
  • grocery shopping
  • meals (consistently daily since 6/29!)
  • off-site babyloving
  • on site babyloving
  • midnight driving in the middle of the night to come watch our kids when we headed off to the hospital again baby loving!
  • hospital meals
  • DVD delivery services
  • financial donations
  • Maggie moo, McD's, Kim Phu's, Sonic & candy bar deliveries to the Med!
  • General husband helping
  • and more...
all of this equals lots of Christ's love!!!!
Thank you so much!
SET-BACK: Yesterday evening she had trouble regulating her tempurature. So she was moved from a crib to a warmer. I am doing stuff around the RMH today (like laundry) so I have not made it there yet. So I do not know if she made it back to her crib last night which as the goal. Prior to this we were hoping for a 3-6 day release. I think we may now be looking at 6-10 days. Also, I was running a fever yester evening so I am trying to take it a little slower today.
Pearson is doing well. She is gaining weight, we are breast feeding. They discontinued her oxygen satuaration monitor today. We are waiting to takwe a CPR class they require everyone to take before release and we are hopeful of being released in the next week or so and returning home to College Station. 
I was in College Station today. Kim toted me around and I had a doctors appointment which went very well. He let me know how happy he was with the outcome and that there was a time when he felt he was losing me. I praise God that I am still here but I am reminded that being absent from the body is being present with the Lord! I am still recovering from my C-Section (which is unusual for me) I think since I was cut both horizontally and vertically it is delaying my recovery.
As for the rest of the day in College Station I slept, I was more tired than I realized!
8-29 11:12 pm
  • weighs 5# 3 oz
  • They have had some concerns about her maintaining her tempurature.Please keep this in your prayers.
  • Breast feeding is going well. She did a really good job today.
  • The Maass's brought Peyton & Parker to the Hospital yesterday and they had a good visit with us and their new baby sister. They also had a chance to visit the Children's Museum of Houston, so hopefully they will have positive memories of this time in our lives.
  • weighs 5 # and 1.6 oz
  • We began breastfeeding today. Pearson roots and was a natural. It was successful thank you for prayers I am now looking forward to breastfeeding.
  • Right now she is in an incubator. The Docotors left orders to move her to an open crib. If she is able to maintain her tempurature than she will get to stay in the open crib!


  • Weighs 4# & 15 oz last night
  • She ate 5cc from a bottle and the rest in her tube
  • She is on one bottle a day and they will gradually increase the # of bottles each day as they attempt to wean her fromt he feeding tube.
  • We will try breast feeding this afternoon
  • She has all lines removed except for the feeding tube
  • We are in room 35 at the Houston Ronald McDonald House (713-795-3535 is our direct line). The Ronald McDonald House is incredible. They really work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and like you are at home. Its amazing the difference they must make in the lives of these sick children and their families. Thank you for praying us into the House.
  • We have a sitter for the Maass's for their football game on Saturday! Thanks so much.
  • Pearson weighing in at 4# 12oz (about 1/2 size of Parker at birth)'
  • We have been accepted into the longterm stay Ronald McDonald House
  • We enjoyed the company of the Edison's last night for Dinner (praise God!)
  • The IV tube is going to stay in her arm for a while (a day or so) in case there is a need for its use.
  • They are now talking about trying to get her to suck and enrolling her in occupational therapy.
  • Today we should get a treatment plan.
2:30 p.m.
  • Pearson was moved from level 3 to level 2!
  • She is regaining the weight that all newborns lose right after birth.
  • The nurse is going to see if they can take the IV out of her arm since she has not been receiving antibiotics for a few days now.
  • They are increasing her feeding from to 38cc to 41cc starting at six.
RE Kyle: Please keep praying for my health. I of course over did it yesterday and today I am being more careful and trying not to expend so much energy. So the best husband in the world is wheeling me around in a wheelchair!
7:52 pm
Well, I finally made it to Houston! Pearson is doing well. We got to hold her for the first time tonight when we arrove! She only has a feeding tube and looks great even though she is so small and wrinkly. Right now she is in level 3 (neonatal ICU)  and they are talking about moving her to level 2  tommorow which represents an upgrade in her condition. Her resparations are still a little too fast at times and they just took out her nasal canual so they want to keep a close eye on her tonight. Praise God we got a room in TX Children's hospital at the Ronald McDonald House. We are staying on the floor very near her unit at the Ronald McDonald House, its truly a blessing. Thanks for your prayers!!
The McVays
10:00 a.m.
My count is going up! So I am finally being released from the hospital by my fantastic doctor! I will have to take 2 iron tablets a day for a while. He also infomred us that I actually lost 50% of my during the surgery. I am banned from driving for 5 more weeks (Which is a praise for Wayne since his car does not have A/C)
  • going from 6cc to 14 cc a day
  • Continuing TPN & Lipids lines (Nurse said hopefully all the lines from her umbilical cord will be out tommorow)
  • She is "yellow" (I'm assuming she's developed jaundice) and they have her undera blue light.
  • She's screaming a lot now (YEAH!)
  • They are moving her to a "Baby Condo" because she does not need as much heat help.

RE: Kyle .....................So far my pressures look good and I am still not dizzy (I have not been dizzy in the past either) so I may be released tommorow.


10:00 a.m.
I (Kyle) bam not going to be released from the hospital today due to a low count. I narrowly avoided a transfusion after surgery and now my count has gone down. Please pray that my count would improve and I can go down to Houston soon.
  • She is no longer taking antibiotics
  • weaning her from oxygen
  • she passed a small stoll
  • eating 6 cc every 3 hours through an og tube
  • 1 of the two umbilical cathedore/lines have been removed and the one that remains provides TPM's and Lipids (nutrition)
  • inhibation tube has been removed
  • a Nasal canual has been placed in her nose
As many of you know this has been a very difficult pregnancy and Pearson
was born at 33 weeks. Well, tonight Pearson was life flighted to Texas
Children's at about 9 pm. Her resparations were 3 times normal and she was breathing 56% oxygen under an oxygen hood. In general normal people breath about 12% oxygen. She was stable when sent however she does have
underdeveloped lungs and may possibly have some kind of septisis. They are
giving her cerfactant for underdeveloped lungs and a wide spectrum
antibiotic for the possible septisis.
Kyle's Complications:
FULL Placenta Previa
Gestatinal Diabetes
(also several other pre-existing conditions)
Hosptialized for bleeding: 6/29-7/1 & 7/24-8/9 and now 8/18-present
During Labor:
Loss of 40% of my
Uterus and bowel entanglement
I will be taking iron pills and will not be allowed to drive for 6 week from Pearson's D.O.B. due to the massive loss of . Thank you for praying because due to your prayers I did not have a transfusion! Additionally, I have not been dizzy or confused.
DOB 8-18
5 pounds 4 oz
33 weeks and 2 days old


Brian & Kim Maass will be staying at our house for the next week or so to help provide Peyton & Parker with a sense of normalcy during this time.

Praise/ Prayer Requests / Help
That in a few months I'll look back at this time and think about how the Lord has replaced what the locust ate! That the Lord showed me that I am more tenderhearted than I thought. Simply the Lord!
The Maass's who are moving in and out of our house as needed to care our sweet angels. In her words "We'll do whatever you need us to do."
Motherhood and the being at home to take care of my babies and my ability to just go where they need me most! A church body that follows the call of the Lord so an at home-omeschooling mom was able to move into my house and care for my family so well! Our women living Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:10-31 so well. For praying women that were faithful to pray for me when God put me on their heart.  Finally, that  I did not die on the table. That Pearson is doing well. You guys ROCK!  8-31
Dr Zivney (assisted Gayle) 8-31
I Thank the Lord for the unity (accross denominations) I see in the body from the people from the people of Living Hope Baptist, Christ United Methodist, Central Baptist Church and Grace Bible Church!
Dr. Justin Gayle (my OB)
My gestational Diabetes has resolved.
Childcare, Food, grocery shopping & house cleaning ministiries to our family
  • Continued prayer for her to grow, eat and thrive.
  • I have run myself a little ragged. I had a fever last nigt, this morning it has subsided. Please pray for my health. I am also having a slow day today, I slept in and I'm go to the hospital late. Please pray away the devil and his constant attacks of guilt. Also uplift my spirit with Pearsons delay. Most importantly pray for the families around me that are going through horrible things with such courage yet often without Jesus. 9-1
  • Baby Katrina (19months) Brain Tumor and is receiving radiation. Just 2 weeks ago the parents noticed she stoped talking and could not maintain her balance to walk. They have 6 weeks of radiation treatment concluding in October. 9-1
  • Wayne as he returns to work !  8-31
  • STAMINA, RECOVERY FROM C-SECTION, concerned about taking care of the children due to my lack of stamina and pain level, ability to move from hydrocodone (narcotic) to acetimetaphin for pain management. Pearsons impending release in the next week or so. 8-31
  • Baby Ja'Corey had a growth on his bladder the doctors checked it out and found that it was simply a pouch and they will be removing it in the near future.
  • Stamina and pain management for me. That I would remember to eat and eat when food is available. For the Lord to keep our eyes & hearts open to those around us. 8-27
  • Sean (heart transplant) will have to stay in the hospital until they receive a heart he is not eligible for a pacemaker. Last night he told his mom that she could sleep in the bed and he would sleep on the chair so she would be more comfortable. (Such a sweet soul)
  • We had the meeting with the lactation consultant and it went really well and we will be starting breast feeding.Continued postive breast feeding. Stamina and pain management for me. That I would remember to eat and eat when food is available. For the Lord to keep our eyes & hearts open to those around us. 8-27
  • Baby Alfredo is recovering nicely 8-27
  • Pearson continued improvement, Prepare me be here by myself next week as Dad may return to work on Monday or Tuesday, Mom stamina the anemia is difficult but getting better, Wayne for strength (to push me around the hospital in a wheel chair), Breast feeding at 3 p.m., Lord to keep our eyes open. 8-26
  • Baby Aflredo had a surgery today to remove a growth on his finger, circumcision and one other private matter. Pray for swift recovery. (8-26)
  • Sean had a heart cathordization this morning and was recovering nicely. So it looks like he will probably be able to be fitted with a Pacemaker. His mom Brenda is putting her faith in the Lord (AMEN). 8-26
  • Pearson continued improvement, Mom stamina the anemia is difficult, Wayne for strength (to push me around the hospital in a wheel chair), Breast feeding8-25
  • Sean 13 years old- Was born with cancer and now most likely needs a heart transplant. They are trying to see if he can be fitted for a pace maker so he can go home and wait for a heart (8-25)
  • Baby Bronson - Born with cleft pallatte and will undergo years of painful corrective surgery.8-25
  • Baby Alfredo born at 26 weeks to his sweet little 18year& 22 year old married parents now he's 36 weeks. For continued healing! 8-25
  • Baby Ja'Corey (Pearson's pod mate) admitted for a variety of symptoms with unknown origin. Mom Jazmin. (8-24)
  • Pearson will continue to improve and would be released as soon as Godly possible. Safe travel for Wayne & Kyle as well as a room on the floor in the Ronald McDonald house. Guideance on breastfeeding.  We are able to be a useful source of Glory for God. (8-23)
  • That Kyle's count would improve and that I can be released from the hospital. (8-22)
  • Safe travel for Wayne to and from Houston(8-22)
  • That we are able to get into the Ronald McDonald House on the floor (due to my c-section it would be better if I did not have to walk a long distance.)
  • Wayne's much inceased family duties
  • Houston: Finances &  travel
  • Doctors, Nurses and staff that are treating Myself and Pearson.
See 2nd page of contact information if you want to know how to help or need more up to date information you can contact Kim Maass at my house at 690-3155.

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