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The Homemaker

These recipes are all recipes I serve to my family. Hopefully you'll find some new family favorites here also!

Recipes to Share




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Soups & Stews




Salads and Baked Goods



You need a Reference Cookbook


for example the Joy of Cooking

These cookbooks explain the meaning of terms, describe vegtables and cuts of meat. and even give the history of foods. Some have holiday menus they should be a staple in every kitchenif you don't have one hit the garge sales and 1/2 price books!



      This is great but my kids wont eat what we eat. You are not a short order cook. You provide a single healthy well balanced meal and if they eat they eat. If not they eat more breakfast in the morning. One of my children is autistic and she eats what we eat, so I understand much better than you know. We train our kids  how to behave and if they think they are exempt they will take advantage of that. Plus wouldnt it be nice to go to eat at someones house and know your kid isnt going to  announce, " This food is gross!" Once the meal is placed on the table?


Unasked for advice


  • Buy an upright freezer mine is about 10cu it holds all of my frozen meat and bread! Get it from the thrifty Nickel and dont pay more than $125 for one of any size.

Mealtime is the time for your family to come together and regroup. It should be a safe place, something that everyone looks forward to and time to reconnect.
* Play pleasant music in the background
* Light candles 
* Require everyone eat together at least 4 out of 7 nights!

Simplify cooking

Wife to Wife and Mom to Mom Hints and helps!


Money saving hints:

  • Shop at Super Wal-Mart arriving before 9:30 and getting out by 11:00 am
  • bring ads with you and get the lowest price
  • clip coupons on the internet at  the coupons come to you cut out ready to use!
  • Buy a spray bottle and fill it with cooking oil and use it instead of PAM

Using leftovers to save time & money:

         Strip the chicken off of baked chicken portions no one in your family eats and use that in recepies where it calls for diced chicken.

         Keep already browned ground beef in the fridge. Next time you shop or make browned ground beef brown a couple extra pounds. Store each pound or pound individually in the freezer. Pull it out and toss it into the next recepie that calls for browned ground beef! Youll save at least 20 minutes (deforst meat, brown meat & clean up)



Kitchen Must Have...

Maker your life simpler with the things that have made my life simpler!

Cutting Edge: Food Chopper by Pampered Chef #2585 $28.50 


Just a few quick presses of the knob rotate the durable blades to chop vegetables and nuts for quick meal preparation. I really recommend this item instead of the cheaper models in the store. It has a warranty and holds up much better. I do not sell Pampered Chef so you'll have to locate a consultant near you to purchase this item!



Mandoline Slicer $17.95
This has to be one of my favorite kitchen utensils. Use a Mandolin Slicer for recipes that call for slicing, chopping, and grating. The 12x5-inch plastic frame has an extra-sharp, stainless-steel blade. With the four attachments, you can create thin to think slices, julienne strips, or French fries.