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The Homemaker

She's drawing Osiris in his sarcouphagus.

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A look into our homeschools....

Kim's Homeschool

I am entering my third year of homeschooling this year, '06-'07, with my second grader. We have home schooled from the beginning, and plan to continue as long as the Lord leads us to. My first two years I used a unit study for comfort. This year, I have pulled together what I feel will work best for my son. As far as my approach to learning, I don't have one set approach. There are a few different methods that reflect my ideas. Some things I prefer are that my son have real life experiences for learning (i.e. nature studies in the woods, building projects, etc.), curriculum that is thoroughly laid out for me, for my son to work independently at times, to emphasize a love for learning, project-based learning, to teach my son one-on-one, to make field trips a part of schooling, a mixture of structured learning and discovery learning and to use curriculum that suits his learning style. So as you can see, I'm a blend of different approaches to learning. To take a peek into a day of my life homeschooling and homemaking, click on the time management link on the left of the screen.

My Reccomendations: 


Kyle's Homeschool

This is our second year of homeschooling in the fall with a 3rd grader and a Pre-K (while wrangling a 2 year old).  I am a Charlotte Mason Type Homeschooler and tend toward Classical Charlotte Mason not Unschooling CM. I have a touchy feely kind of Pre-School program and avoid formal academics until my children are 5 and then we really just work on writing, reading and math. They are able to float in and out of the other subjects. We cover over 10 subjects in elementary in short time periods over our 4 day school week.

We are using:

Natural Speller

Horizons's Math

Story of the World


Serl's Primary Language Lessons

Ambleside Online & Sonlight Literature

Ambleside Online Copy work

Apologia Science: Zoology 1

We tested before we started using Christian Liberty Presses CBST and we will test at the end of each year to check our progress.


My recommendations:

  • Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola
  • Smoothing the way - homeschool group that meets once a month for newbies.
  • Yahoo support groups for whatever curriculum you use
  • Christian Liberty Testing Service
  • her homeschool information


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