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Trying to get pregnant
Now test as often as you would like to for as little as .60 cents a test for Hcg Pregnancy Test Strips and .75 cents  a test for LH ovulation Predictor Test Strips (and that includes shipping!).Order as many as you need from 5-100. Please specify the quanity you need and which type of test you are ordering: pregnancy test, ovulation test or both.

Wonderful Site for the busy homemaker!

Dinner! Come to the table!" Those memorable words, mixed with familiar smells coming from the kitchen, invoke nostalgic memories of childhood and growing up. But getting to the table for today's family is much harder than it used to be. Enjoying the family dinner table is not a Norman Rockwell fantasy, nor is it just wishful thinking. Our lives today may be busier than ever, but that doesn't mean we need to give up those things that are important to us. We just need to get a grip on how to do it.

***This is a site that I recently discovered. It is perfect if you just cannot eck out the time to plan for dinners. They e-mail a menu to you each week with a complete shopping list and the recipes. You can choose from "Regular" or "Low-Carb.". Cost: 3 months 9.95, 6 months 17.95 12 months 29.95. Even with the cost I would think having your meals  planned will save you more money then you spend purchasing the menus!