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The Homemaker

Family Vacations

Family Camping Vacation

Before 2008: We like to camp and we usually stay in a shelter instead of tent because I have small children and sleep better when we are all locked in the shelter at night!
Now we tent camp, our youngest is 3 years old and we are looking forward to tent camping in Mission Tejas and beyond.
 I strongly suggest you take as much of the food in "ready to cook form" (eg. eggs already scrambled with cheese and ham in it, frozen chili to heat up, hamburger in patty form etc...) as possible. By doing this you will have more time to enjoy your family.
Here is the camping check off list that I used and modified from the "serious" camper check off lists I found!

Camping Check Off List

Where we have camped and enjoyed: Martin Creek Lake (TX), Brownwood Lake (TX), Huntsville Lake (TX), Lake Houston (TX), Somerville Lake (TX), Mission Tejas (TX).
Our next camping trip is to Inks Lake (TX) & Garner State Park (TX)!

Family Vacation


Basic Family Packing List

Flylady's Vacation Planning and Packing List

Dear Friends,
Is getting ready to leave on vacation a pain in the bottom to you?
Do you run around with your head cut off for several days prior to your departure time, not knowing which way to turn?
Are you irritable and snapping at your loved ones?
Do you pack everything but the kitchen sink?

This is a characteristic of a SHE. I have done this so many times. Several years ago it would take me 2 weeks to pack for a 2 week vacation. In the end I was so exhausted, I just wanted to crash. So,I have some tips for you.

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