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The Homemaker

Using a Calendar
Calendar, organizer or Palm Pilot etc...
The art of actually getting there ... on time ...with all of the kids

Do you have chicken with your head cut off syndrome?

Have you missed a doctors appointment?

Have you double/triple booked engagements?

Are you chronically tardy?

Do you loose directions to events???


If so read on....



Calendaring seems simple to many of you. but if you were raised by people who thought 30 minutes late was 5 minutes early  if as a kid you missed more appointments then you made  then scheduling may not be second nature


1.     Have a family calendar (because your husband and children should have access to it so they can see whats going on and so they can add their events if appropriate)


2.     carry a note pad in your purse so when you sign up for snacks you can put that on your calendar.


3.     write down all of your engagements


4.     when the mail comes in write it down the engagement that day

a.     team schedules including all games & practices

b.    band, dance etcall games and practices recitals or rehersals

c.     School holidays, clothing days, eventsall

d.    Church calendar

e.     Appointments.MOPS etc.

Put on as much as you can when it comes in!

Did I mention EVERYTHING!!!!


5.     if you absolutely do not have time to write it down clip it to the calendar and write it down within 24 hours


This is the kicker --- look at the calendar the night before and in the morning when you wake up to see what is going on that day! So you can prepare for your next dayget baby bags ready, lunches, huge breakfast casseroles ..etc
The Proverbs 31 the woman
  1.    rises early feeds her family
  2.  goes to a real estate deal
  3.   works at home sells some lamp oil (Home interiors)
  4.  makes some cloth
  5.  then makes some clothes
  6.  and wraps up her day by feeding  the poor 

The woman had to have the first Palm Pilot and a million dollar gift certificate to Starbucks! I mean Im a little tired just reviewing her day!

Tips to help save time cooking


  • Bonus! 16 months, Sept 2003 thru Dec 2004
  • Really big squares for all your notes 2.1 x 3.5 in.
  • Lots of room to track important things, dates with your kids, bills, etc.
  • 260 Appointment and reminder stickers
  • A few of our great recipes
  • Inside back pocket for bills and loose paperwork
  • Telephone, Emergency and Medical directory
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Phases of the moon