Managing Kids Clothes
Managing Kids Clothes
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The Homemaker

The Baby room
Size 2T, 5, 6 clothes and shoes from 0-13

Managing Clothing to the glory of God!

  1. Once or twice a year have kids try on clothes (or you can just eyeball clothes) if they do not fit they go into the appropriately labeled tote. (Totes are 3.50ish at Wal-Mart). Store totes where you can get to them and try to keep the most needed totes at the top.
  2. Make a list of items that are missing and needed for the next season.
  3. Items that are going to be needed next year for the season you are currently in, that can be purchased at a discount during end of season sales. For example buy swimsuits in August and September on sale, 4th of July shirts on July 5th etc,,,,
  4. Refuse to shop for new clothing until you have culled the kids closets and checked the totes.

This system took a couple of hours to set up and it takes about 2 hours for my 2 girls (the third is still to young to participate)  to do the following:

  • to try on anything in question
  • To empty the tote for the next size (if the kiddo is a 2T but out growing their clothing we get the 3T tote and fill up the closet again)
  • I make my list as we go along 

ORGANIZING SOCKS & Stuff  for kids who are nearly the same size

The dot method: My oldest child gets one dot on all of her socks and stuff. Child number 2 gets 2 dot on all of her socks and stuff. Child number 2 gets 2 dot on all of her socks and stuff etc... As an item (if it makes it) goes on to the next child it gets one more dot! Great was Kims!

more to be added as it is discovered!

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